Girls Make VRWe are still buzzing from the enthusiasm and excitement at our latest GIRLS MAKE VR workshop at VRLA FALL. We filled all 25 spaces within days of opening up applications and both the girls and their families packed the room full of interest, passion and curiosity.

The girls learned basic unity creations skills and were able to interact with their creations in VR as they developed. They enjoyed lunch, sponsored by The VR Fund, and were then chaperoned around the VRLA exhibit hall to meet with developers and professionals in the VR industry.

We want to thank our Sponsors and Partners for these workshops:
Radeon | AMD | CyberPower | Oculus | Unity | The VR Fund | Youth Build Charter Schools | Environmental Charter Schools

And we are very happy to share some student feedback from the class survey:

  • 92% of students said they found the workshop valuable
  • 78% of students said they would like to take a class like this if it was offered regularly; 22% -responded as maybe.
  • 65% of students said the class might have changed their ideas for their career path; 14% said it definitely did.
  • 85% of the students said the class gave them new ideas of subjects they can study.

We cannot wait to start this as a weekly year long class in the second half of 2017!!

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