2018 Updates: We’ve come so far!

mural unveiling

Just when I don’t think I can fit any more gratitude in this very happy heart of mine… the last six months have proven me wrong.

Each week since you heard from us last has been filled with incredible examples of connection, sharing and friendships with our kids and community partners. Each month we have been gifted with more caring and loving humans who are excited to join our family of staff, volunteers and supporters. And it seems like every day now we have the kind of moments I dreamed of having when I started Arts Bridging the Gap – where the face of a child lights up and you know they have experienced love, their value and what is possible for them in a way they never have before – it is just MAGIC!

As our team and reach continues to grow so too has our presence across Los Angeles and the globe:

  • We now have nine street art pieces in LA, and 15 in the works, created by our kids and our LAPD friends
  • We have recently finished our first semester of weekly Girls Make VR classes at Girls Academic Leadership Academy with the ESA Foundation and United Way of Los Angeles
  • We have completed the pilot classes for our Empathy Project with Grant High School and The Buckley School and will be creating our art piece in the new school year
  • We are deep in evaluation of our Pretexts Pilot with Youth Build Charter Schools and Harvard Cultural Agents
  • And we now also have friendships spanning Uganda, Lebanon, India and LA that really will make you want to dance!


I cannot thank my team and our ABG family enough! Whether you have joined us for a painting day, have baked cookies for our kids, or generously donated to our work you are making these moments all possible. It is the love, compassion and generosity that you – our ABG family – are sharing with us and our kids that is not only making our work possible but it is building the foundation of many more years to come filled with meaningful, impactful and truly heart-full work.

We are excited to have you continue on this journey with us. It really does take a family – one very big one – to have the kind of impact we know is possible for our children everywhere.

Thank you from the middle of my very happy heart! With so much love,



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