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Please review the data below to learn more about our expenses and spending allocations. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Director of Operations at oxana@artsbridgingthegap.org. Thank you!

Financial Reports
2018 January – June | Profit and Loss Statement
2018 January – June | Expenses by Program
2018 January – June | In-Kind Donations
Note on in-kind donations: For the fiscal year of 2018, Arts Bridging the Gap’s in-kind donations have totaled to approximately $215,000. Our method of recognizing donations from vendors and third parties can be attributed to recognizing real cash costs versus the true costs of our donations. All donated equipment ABG has received is recognized at market value. In terms of donated professional services we receive, these services are accurately assessed by a true cash cost; this allows ABG to value a donated service at its real cost when a professional donates his or her time.
2017 January – December | Profit and Loss Statement