We really aren’t alone — thank you!!

This past Thursday during our class at Youth Policy Institute (YPI) I took a moment to look around the packed room –with kids and adults standing in the door way hoping to get in, with our LAPD officers squeezing in where ever they could find a space and the laughing kids in the room sharing chairs so that everyone could fit.

IMG_8662 (1)

I was sitting on a table (because there were no chairs left – chairs are for sitting kids ;))  and as I watched our older kids from PAL Hollywood joking with one of the female LAPD officers about Fortnite and took a second to enjoy our PAL Hollywood board member talking with LAPD officer the YPI kids and our professional artist about the ‘Legacy’ they were going to create with their art piece, my heart was filled with that kind of joy that can only be felt because of true friendship and personal human connection. Continue reading “We really aren’t alone — thank you!!”

You are a part of our growing family!

August newsletter gif.gifTo our wonderful friends and supporters,

I have spent the entire last month marveling at our incredible volunteers and the exceptional moments of connection we get to experience with new beautiful humans that have recently joined our ABG family.

I could share so many stories from mural painting days! From the young artist who started painting to heal the pain she has from her sister childhood car accident and has now inspired a new cross walk mural series with us, to the couple, Patience and Vincent, who have just been able to lift themselves out of homelessness in the last few weeks and are excited about being regular ABG volunteers while building their life back up.

There is one story, however, that my heart holds particularly dear. It stands out to me because when I started Arts Bridging the Gap I was thinking of children and young families and it didn’t occur to me that our work could directly impact an older gentleman who spent 30 years in prison. Continue reading “You are a part of our growing family!”

2018 Updates: We’ve come so far!

mural unveiling

Just when I don’t think I can fit any more gratitude in this very happy heart of mine… the last six months have proven me wrong.

Each week since you heard from us last has been filled with incredible examples of connection, sharing and friendships with our kids and community partners. Each month we have been gifted with more caring and loving humans who are excited to join our family of staff, volunteers and supporters. And it seems like every day now we have the kind of moments I dreamed of having when I started Arts Bridging the Gap Continue reading “2018 Updates: We’ve come so far!”

Our right to make art, eat yummy food and be safe in our community

03efc-19956049_10154647836880848_7828069828798169783_o.jpgArts Bridging the Gap was honored to host a very special event this past Saturday in the home of our founder and Executive Director, Georgia (me :))

For the past two years we have had a summer bbq to bring families together to celebrate love, family and sharing with art and food. This year was no exception, although we added two very meaningful and important elements.

The first was a fun sharing of art and empathy with the children in Uganda from Integrate Bayouth Dreams. Continue reading “Our right to make art, eat yummy food and be safe in our community”